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Magnolia West High School Stadium
42202 FM 1774 Rd

$7 a day for adults or $10 for two day wrist band.  Children under 12 are $3 for one day pass or $5 for two day wrist band.  No pets allowed.

T-Shirts for Sale:  Super Regional Tournament T-shirts will be for sale at the game until supplies run out.

Concessions:  Concessions will be offered both days.

Game Day Programs:  Programs will be provided at no cost highlighting the tournament teams, team rosters, local restaurants and coupons as well as sponsors of Magnolia Lacrosse Association.

Local Hotels:
Executive Inn and Suites

17707 FM 1488 Rd
Magnolia, TX 77354

Main: 281.259.8200
Reservations: 888.229.0499

Magnolia Inn and Suites
18614 FM 1488 Road
Magnolia, TX 77354-8561
Reservations: 281.259.6119

La Quinta Inn and Suites, Woodlands Northwest
6930 FM 1488 Rd
Magnolia, TX 77354
Call: 1-281-259-1757

Fondren Stadium
The Episcopal School of Texas
20955 West Tejas Trail
San Antonio, TX 78257

Regular Gate Price - CASH ONLY
Adults: $8 per day or $12 for weekend
Kids: $5 per day or $8 per weekend

March 13, 2014

 Dick’s Sporting Goods announces the launchingSports Matter program!

DICK’S Sporting Goods believes in the importance of youth athletics and have launched the Sports Matter program to address the growing issue of underfunded youth sports teams.  This initiative will raise awareness and match community donations up to $2 million on a new crowdfunding platform to save teams facing financial challenges.

The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation is an exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation created by DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc. as a private corporate foundation to support DICK’S charitable and philanthropic activities.

Sports Matter is focusing resources on entire teams disappearing or never competing at all due to severe financial challenges.  Additionally, the program aims to strengthen and expand community support for high-quality youth sports available for young people nationwide.

Up to 575 applications will be accepted through March 21 from K-12 teams that have been eliminated, are at risk of elimination, or have never been able to form because of financial limitations.  Teams must be affiliated with a school, nonprofit or youth sports league with 501(c)3 status, and be able to identify a specific fundraising goal needed for the team to play.

The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation is legally obligated to only make grants to Teams associated with tax-exempt entities, so you must be affiliated with a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or a public school in order to apply for the Sports Matter Program. If you do not qualify for the Sports Matter program due to this requirement or any of the other eligibility requirements, The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation has other opportunities available to organizations and youth sports programs. To apply for a donation or sponsorship from our Community Program, please visit

Sports Matter involves both crowdfunding and matching grants provided by The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation. The crowdfunding aspect of the program is to help Teams activate and energize both current and new Team supporters, which will contribute to the sustainability of their programs. The matching funds will directly support Teams and provide incentive for supporters to donate during the crowdfunding phase in order to double their impact.

Exciting new developments with the Sports Matter program are:

Thank you for helping us take on this crucial issue.


THSLL Twelve Team DI Playoff Structure

 District Champions and seedings are determined by each District, either by District Playoffs or by the best record at the conclusion of THSLL season play (tiebreaker if necessary). Method of determining District Champion must be decided before the THSLL Annual Meeting.

Teams A1 and B1 will be the top seed and home Team in the super regional tournaments.

 Selection Process 

  1. District Champions will control top 3 seeds.
  2. Teams 4-12 are seeded based upon the standings at the end of THSLL season play, and a predetermined serpentine pairing formula as noted below.  Of the 12 Teams competing, there will be 4 Teams from each District.


  1. Teams 1-4 will get 1st round byes.
  2. Two Super Regional Tournaments with Saturday and Sunday format
  3. A predetermined format establishing game locations (North, South or Central Districts)  rotates annually for the Super Regional games
  4. State Championship the following weekend with Semifinals on Saturday and Finals on Sunday
THSLL  Sixteen Team DII Playoff Structure


 Each of the four (4) DII Districts will have four (4) teams qualifying for the regional tournaments.

  1. District seedings 1-4 are determined by each District following the conclusion of the regular season.  The method of determining seedings must be decided within each district before the beginning of the regular season.
  2. The top seed within each district will be the host team for their respective regional tournament and will be responsible for organizing their regional tournament.


  1. The 16 qualifying teams are seeded based upon a predetermined formula as indicated below. 
  2. The four (4) regional tournaments will follow a Saturday/Sunday format the weekend before the State Championship.
  3. Within each region, the #1 seed plays the #4 seed, and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed on Saturday.  The winners of those games play each other on Sunday to determine the Regional representative team to play for the State Championship the following weekend.
  4. The State Championship on the following weekend will have the same structure, with semifinals on Saturday and the championship game on Sunday.