Latest San Antonio District News
The San Antonio District is pleased to announce the 2013 THSLL awards.

Coach and Assistant Coach of the Year
This award honors those coaches who exemplify the ideals of the game within the THSLL.
This award is intended to recognize the individuals overall coaching performance and contribution, not just coaching wins.

San Antonio District 2013 Coach of the Year:
John Beck TMI-The Episcopal School of Texas

San Antonio District 2013 Asst Coach of the Year:

Josh Taylor- Reagan

Person of the Year
THSLL Person of the Year award honoree whose individual whose dedication, commitment, and support of lacrosse and its ideals extends beyond his/her specific Member Team.

San Antonio District 2013 Person of the Year:

Mary Mattia- Highlands

The San Antonio District is Postseason Awards recognizing the top players from the area. Congratulations to the 2013 San Antonio Division II All State, All District and Honorable Mention.

All State

#1 Gerrick Cantrell TMI
#20 George Herdeg Saint Mary's Hall
#21 Aaron Kuntz Reagan


#27 Tristan Robinson Saint Mary's Hall
#19 Andrew Wickersham Saint Mary’s Hall
#16 Cameron Campbell Reagan
#10 Dylan Hodge (FOGO) TMI
#33 Keith Silvin (LSM) Reagan
#7 Devan Schulz Roosevelt
#11 Chuy Suday TMI
#50 Aaron White Reagan


#2 Jose de Alba TMI

All District


#5 G.W. Bodden TMI
#20 Zach Pappas Smithson Valley
#2 Willis Whitake Smithson Valley


#10 Garrett Chubb Smithson Valley
#15 Markell Henderson TMI
#23 Trey Trusevich Saint Mary’s Hall
#4 Stefan Garcia (FOGO) Central Catholic
#5 Kent Healy (LSM) Saint Mary’s Hall


#7 Alex Graham TMI
#34 Zach Nickle Saint Mary’s Hall
#7 Scott Tobin Smithson Valley

#35 Troy Holmes Smithson Valley

Honorable Mention
#10 Sam Kuntz Reagan
#8 Connor McMillian TMI
#2 Marcus Villa Central Catholic
#15 Austin Garcia Flour Bluff
#5 Austin Huddle Reagan
#1 Jake Larrumbide Roosevelt
#5 Johnny Titzman (FOGO) Smithson Valley
#34 Jack Whitaker (LSM) Smithson Valley
#1 Jared Balthrop Smithson Valley
#25 Jac Clark TMI
#37 Taylor Thelander Reagan


#7 Gus Rowland Saint Mary's Hall

1. Each of the four (4) DII Districts will have four (4) teams qualifying for the regional tournaments.
2. District seedings 1-4 are determined by each District following the conclusion of the regular season. The method of determining seedings must be decided within each district before the beginning of the regular season.
3. The top seed within each district will be the host team for their respective regional tournament and will be responsible for organizing their regional tournament.

3. The 16 qualifying teams are seeded based upon a predetermined formula as indicated below.
4. The four (4) regional tournaments will follow a Saturday/Sunday format the weekend before the State Championship.
5. Within each region, the #1 seed plays the #4 seed, and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed on Saturday. The winners of those games play each other on Sunday to determine the Regional representative team to play for the State Championship the following weekend.
6. The State Championship on the following weekend will have the same structure, with semifinals on Saturday and the championship game on Sunday.

Predetermined Matchups:
North Region
North 1 (host)
South 2
San Antonio 3
Central 4
Central Region
Central 1 (host)
North 2
South 3
San Antonio 4
San Antonio Region
San Antonio 1 (host)
Central 2
North 3
South 4
South Region
South 1 (host)
San Antonio 2
Central 3
North 4