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March 29, 2011

THSLL Annual Meeting

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Austin, Texas

The THSLL Board of Directors would like to remind everyone about the LACROSSE INFORMATION EXCHANGE.  It is a new way for interested lacrosse constituencies to reach our THSLL Member School Program Membership and the Texas lacrosse community.  Interested parties can submit LAX information to be considered for inclusion on the LACROSSE INFORMATION EXCHANGE.

The Lacrosse Information Exchange is for general lacrosse information intended for the THSLL League Membership and the Texas lacrosse community.  Information referring to not-for-profit lacrosse related events will be posted for free.  Information related to college/university lacrosse programs specific to student athlete development and recruitment topics will be posted for free.  Information pertaining to lacrosse related camps, tournaments, and other profit generating events will be required to go through the THSLL sponsorship process which is available on the website under Sponsors on the site navigation menu.  Sponsorship opportunities exist and there is a Become a Sponsor link for sponsorship inquiries.
Please see the attached communication on safety, conduct, and sportsmanship.

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safety, conduct, and sportsmanship
THSLL Member School Programs,

The votes are in, and once again your vote counts...

We received 60 of 76 possible votes, and by a 39 - 21 vote majority you have decided against a waiver, and as such the THSLL will follow the new NCAA rules 4-13 & 4-14 for the 2011 THSLL Season.

Thank you for voting, and participating in the decision making process that continues to make the THSLL an outstanding high school lacrosse league.

Good luck with your 2011 THSLL Season,

Your THSLL Board of Directors

Link to the 2011 NCAA Rulebook:

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Summary of Rule Changes