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The Bowie Lacrosse Club is looking for a head coach to lead the Bulldogs, a Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL) Division 1 member program.  In addition to the primary responsibility for the Bowie Varsity team, candidates will be expected to assist with the activities of the Southwest Austin Lacrosse Association (SWALA) feeder program. 

Lacrosse participation is growing in and around Austin, and the future is bright for Bowie with a track record of solid performance and a strong pipeline of young players in Southwest Austin.


 * This is a coaching-only position reporting to the Bowie Lacrosse Board and the Bowie High School Principal. Compensation is competitive and negotiable

 The ideal candidate will have:

 * A proven track record at a high school level or higher of motivating players to reach their potential

 * A solid foundation of lacrosse fundamentals and the ability to teach them

 * A focus on the long term growth of the program through recruitment and development through the  
    SWALA feeder program and other outreach efforts

 * An ability to command respect and enforce team discipline

* Solid communication skills for working with the Board of Directors, Parents, and Players


 * Direct all Varsity team practice and game activities

 * Work with the Board to develop budgets, and schedule practices, games and scrimmages

 * Lead the assistant coaching staff, currently composed of 2 paid and 1 volunteer coaches

 * Provide mentorship to individual team members to reach their lacrosse goals during high school       
    and beyond

 * Work with the Board to recruit new players at all levels, from youth through high school

 * Hold coaching seminars and provide guidance to SWALA coaches

 * Enforce UIL requirements for academic eligibility including "No Pass / No Play"

 * Enforce Player Code of Conduct requirements


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