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To assist out of town friends, family, and lacrosse fans everywhere, THSLL will partner with Laurel Video Productions to bring you all the games from this weekend’s State Lacrosse Championships.

The link for the 2013 THSLL Championships webcast is HERE and the backup website for the live broadcast is HERE.

While we would love all to attend the event at John Clark Stadium in Plano we know everyone can’t be there so this is the best way to not miss any action.

Additional Video Links:
Game 1 -
Game 2 -
Game 3 -
Game 4 -
D2 Championship -
D1 Championship -

The Central District is pleased to announce the Postseason Awards recognizing the top players from the area. Congratulations to the 2013 Central Division I All State, All District and Honorable Mention. 
All State


Marshall Allen 14 SR Anderson
Jeff Kiszkiel 22 JR Cedar Park
Tanner Thompson 9 SR Westlake
Mac Breedlove 18 SR Westlake
Wake Smith 12 SR Anderson
Wesley Sanders 12 JR Bowie
Tate Bowden 11 SR Westlake
Matthew Rockwell 2 JR Westlake
Craig Kemper 7 SO Westlake
Michael Edwards 38 SR Westlake
Cortlandt Turner 32 SR Austin High
Lito Flanagan 4 JR Alamo Heights
William Guttes 7 SR Lake Travis
John Dodd 8 SR Westlake
Chris Roussos 3 JR Westlake
Goalie 1st Team
Conner Howden 19 JR Austin High

Goalie 2nd Team
Jacob Grimm 33 SR Bowie
All District     

Ben Rinke 8 JR Anderson
Casey Schwertfeger 2 JR Austin High
Trey Foster 14 SO St. Stephens
Hayden Byrd 6 SR Westlake

Foster Allen 16 SO Anderson
Reed Sallans 21 SO Austin High
James Reis 9 SR Bowie
Sean Angle 11 JR Cedar Park
Austin Martin 0 JR Westwood

James Cumby 5 SR Austin High
Matt Sheftall 53 SO Bowie
Conner Peoples 5 JR Alamo Heights
Reed Mershon 6 JR Austin High
Ben Zook 21 JR Westlake
Wyatt Bourdeau 24 SR Westwood
Abe Monroe 10 SR Westlake

Honorable Mention

Colten Courtney 32 SO Alamo Heights
Jason Felts 10 JR Austin High
August Buerkle 22 SO Bowie
JR Booth 25 SO Westwood
Travis Weaver 10 JR Anderson
James Nayden 24 JR Austin High
Forrest Weiss 14 JR Cedar Park
Luke Hall 44 JR Lake Travis
Drew Toney 2 SR Westwood
Triston McCune 26 JR Cedar Park
Jacob Searcy 70 SO Anderson
Jacob Reinhardt 10 JR Bowie
Cohl Prosise 70 JR Cedar Park
Sheldon Foreman 22 JR St Stephens
Jack Carroll 4 SR Anderson