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Cedar Ridge High School (Round Rock, TX)

Boys' Head Coach  Available: 2014-2015.  Deadline: May 10, 2014.  Position Description: Cedar Ridge High School is looking for an experienced lacrosse coach to lead its lacrosse program and continue the momentum it has after just 3 seasons. The Raiders play within the Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL) Central Division II. The varsity team is ranked in the Top 10 in the state of Texas (4/16 DII ranking) and finished in first place in District play. The Varsity program plays a schedule of 15-18 games and the JV program plays 12-15 games. 

Candidates should have a passion for the sport and interest in building a highly competitive program. Applicants should be knowledgeable of the fundamentals and have a love for teaching the game. Experience coaching at high school or playing/coaching at college level is required. This is currently an off-campus stipend position. In addition to direct coaching of the high school teams, the role will require leadership skills necessary to recruit, develop, and manage paid and volunteer coaching staff necessary to continue the growth of the program. All Coaches must be US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified, CPR/AED and Emergency Medicine Certified and take the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching online class including Concussion Management.  Candidate must be available all seasons including summer to host camps, tournaments, and recruiting activities.

Negotiable.  Additional income opportunities dependent upon recruitment (boys and girls), summer camps, tournaments, and sponsorship.

1. To oversee the entire lacrosse program including coaching staff. The head coach will work in coordination with the Booster Club Board.  Head Coach will also develop a team culture and ensure continuity between JV and Varsity.

2. To be a role model in all settings and foster an environment of respect, tolerance, integrity and responsibility.

3. To exemplify a sense of professionalism at all times which includes game and practice times, with opponents, parents, faculty, staff, and administration.

4. Work with the CRHS Athletic Director to reserve practice and game field space. Work with the Faculty Sponsor to ensure compliance with No Pass, No Play.
 Submit documentation for players participating in OCPE.

5. To encourage participation and interest within the campus student body as well as the student body at feeder elementary and middle schools.

6. To adhere to all rules and regulations stated in the Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse Bylaws, THSLL Rulebook and RRISD Athletic Handbook.

7. To enhance and refine fundamental skills and game strategies.

8. Attend all required meetings or events for Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse Booster Club and the RRISD athletic department.

9. Promote the development and enhancement of qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, loyalty and commitment

10. To support and promote individual players in pursuing opportunities to play beyond the high school level.

Fundamental Philosophy:

Cedar Ridge High School Lacrosse is seeking a passionate, energetic individual who strives to build a highly competitive and challenging program for the Cedar Ridge student-athletes while supporting the school’s mission statement. Cedar Ridge Lacrosse is committed to offering a rewarding experience for the students while maintaining high academic standards. A Cedar Ridge Lacrosse coach is an individual who seeks excellence on a daily basis while teaching life skills that will benefit the student-athletes within the program for many years to come. 

 Contact for application and information: Mike Bonicoro, Director of Player Development, Phone: (512) 809-3032 E-mail:

2014 Central District Coach of the Year
This award honors those coaches who exemplify the ideals of the game within the THSLL.
This award is intended to recognize the individuals overall coaching performance and contribution.

Tom O'Grady, Cedar Park

2014 Central District Assistant Coach of the Year

This award honors those coaches who exemplify the ideals of the game within the THSLL.

Stuart Shaw, Anderson

2014 Central District Person of the Year

THSLL Person of the Year award honoree whose individual whose dedication, commitment, and support of lacrosse and its ideals extends beyond his/her specific Member Team.

Doug Dickson
April 01, 2014
8 Team District Playoff Bracket - Seeding by regular season standings
*** See attachment for bracket ***
  • Regular Season North and South winners (1N and 1S) have automatic Regional Playoff Berths
  • Seeding is based on results of district tournament with the regular season 1N and 1S getting a regional berth in their relative finish position.
  • Highest two finishers in District Championship (not including 1N & 1S) get the remaining two seeds to Regionals
  • Highest seed of each contest is the home team and must provide field and referees
  • In the case of a tie for highest seed, use regular season (RS) head to head, then, RS record, then Goals against, then coin flip
Automatic Qualifier (AQ) Scenarios
  1. 1N and 1S win first round and second round - bracket determined seed (consolation game required)
  2. 1N or 1S lose first round while other wins first round - first round loser is #4 seed.
    1. If the first round winner loses second round then #3 seed
      (No consolation game required)
    2. If the first round winner wins the second round - bracket determined seed and second round losers play for #3 seed
      (Consolation game is required)
  3. 1N and 1S lose first round - play each other for #3 and #4 seeds in consolation game.
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