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To assist out of town friends, family, and lacrosse fans everywhere, THSLL will partner with Laurel Video Productions to bring you all the games from this weekend’s State Lacrosse Championships.

The link for the 2013 THSLL Championships webcast is HERE and the backup website for the live broadcast is HERE.

While we would love all to attend the event at John Clark Stadium in Plano we know everyone can’t be there so this is the best way to not miss any action.

Additional Video Links:
Game 1 -
Game 2 -
Game 3 -
Game 4 -
D2 Championship -
D1 Championship -

The North District is pleased to announce the 2013 THSLL Awards.

Coach and Assistant Coach of the Year
This award honors those coaches who exemplify the ideals of the game within the THSLL.
This award is intended to recognize the individuals overall coaching performance and contribution, not just coaching wins.

North District 2013 Coach of the Year:
Zack Colburn

North District 2013 Asst Coach of the Year:

Pat Debolt, Flower Mound

Person of the Year
THSLL Person of the Year award honoree whose individual whose dedication, commitment, and support of lacrosse and its ideals extends beyond his/her specific Member Team.

North District 2013 Person of the Year:
Tim Perkins